Cimarron Garage

Cimarron Garage Packages

Everything you need to build a Garage in one convenient package.

Our exclusive Cimarron Garage packages feature our very best material. All sizes include a 12" overhang on two sides. Each package includes lumber, hardware, building material and a set of plans. Our packages are designed to be built on your existing concrete slab. Check with your local store for the available siding and options available in your area.

Cimarron Garage Standard Features:

  • Stick frame rafters
  • Steel overhead doors
  • Roof and wall sheathing
  • Windows
  • Double garage door header
  • 2x4 wall framing
  • 2x4 treated bottom plate
  • Other siding options available
  • Entry door and lockset
  • Nails and hardware
  • Fiberglass shingles
  • Concrete slab required (not included)
  • Set of plans
  • Engineering wet stamp not included (if required)

Related Information:

Please choose a store for pricing and availability.

All options and specifications are subject to change and may vary from store to store. It is the customer's responsibility to check local codes before starting a building project. Additional material may need to be purchased to comply with local codes. The actual list of materials and products provided with our packages can vary by store, and may be different than displayed on this website or video. Please consult your salesperson for an actual list of the products included with packages sold in your area. If paint is supplied with this package, it is not applied. Many lumber and building materials included with our packages are commodity items where prices can and do change daily. Any pricing displayed on this web site is subject to change at any time without notice. Pricing and description errors are subject to correction.

Please choose a store for pricing and availability.

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