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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you honor pricing and product information errors listed on the website?
Sutherlands.com strives to ensure the accuracy of product listed on the website. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. In the event of incorrect pricing or product information, Sutherlands.com will cancel any orders associated with the error. Sutherlands.com reserves the right to not honor misprinted advertisements, incorrect internet pricing, and/or incorrect product information.
Do you ship your building packages anywhere?
We do not ship outside of our local delivery areas. Aside from the expensive shipping costs associated with less-than-truckload freight, our experienced sales staff cannot control some of the typical issues that arise with a large project.
How can I suggest Sutherlands.com carry an item?
We are adding items to the website daily and value your suggestions. We might already carry the item and would be happy to check the item’s availability for you. Please email order_support@sutherlands.com for help.
How do I find an item on your website?
You can browse for an item by department using the navigation menu. You may also use the search box above the menu to search by the product name, manufacturer number, description, or vendor name.
Who can I ask about product information?
We would be happy to help answer product related questions. Please email order_support@sutherlands.com for help or contact your local store.
Why can't I find all of your in-store products on your website?
While we currently have over 150,000 items listed, we are still in the process of adding tens of thousands of more products found in our stores to Sutherlands.com. If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to ask us for pricing or information .
Why does my item say “No photo available”?
We are improving our website daily and would appreciate your comments. Please email the item missing the image to order_support@sutherlands.com. We will send the item to our product data team to update.
Why does the online price not match the local store price?
Sutherlands.com and the local stores operate independently from each other. Our stores set retails based on their local market. Sutherlands.com sets retails based on a nationwide market. We strive to minimize differences in retails; however, slight variances may occur.

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