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As the vibrant colors of spring begin to bloom and the air fills with the sweet scent of blossoms, it's the perfect time to embrace your creativity and bring a touch of the season into your home and garden. In this blog, we'll explore five delightful do-it-yourself projects that capture the essence of spring. From turning a simple rock into a charming penny-covered slug deterrent to repurposing PVC pipes into stylish planters. These DIYs are not only a fun way to spend your time but also a fantastic way to add a personalized and refreshing touch to your living space. Let the spirit of spring inspire your crafting endeavors as we dive into these creative and budget-friendly projects that will bring a burst of life to your surroundings.


1) Keep slugs and snails away with this DIY penny rock 

2) Add color with these beautiful DIY PVC planters

3) Illuminate your path with these beautiful DIY solar lights

4) Add whimsy to your garden with these DIY painted rocks

5) Another great solar light DIY

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