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Indoor Gardening with Grow Lights

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“Bring the Sunshine Indoors”, we love this title Feit, our grow light partner, used in their article about the growing popularity of grow lights. It is a gardeners’s must-have. It might look intimidating for an average homeowner. Using a grow light, however, doesn’t mean you have to have large scale horitculture in your basement.

Maybe your house is not facing the direction for extended sunlight to keep your house plants healthy. Remember the old days, using a lamp to give your plant and extra boost during the gloomy darker months?

There are many benefits and options to providing natural sunlight to your plants with the help of grow lights. We will go over a few tips and options Sutherlands has to offer.

grow lights

These are some of the latest items you can find in our Sutherlands electrical department.

Grow light bulbs

LED technology has proven to use less energy and lower heat than incandescent bulbs. Some have a dimmable function and others have a built in toggle switch that can be controlled through the wall switch or the bulb itself. These lights are optimized to different stages of your plant.


They are made to withstand damp and wet conditions. There is no noise. If you have a larger area to cover, choose the linkable light strip. You can connect up to 5 fixtures and they are lightweight.


Indoor house plants

For a smaller scale use, such as house plants, a grow light bulb can be screwed into any standard lamp. Many prefer using clamps as they are easily moved around from one spot to the next if you have a large area to cover.

photo: Feit

Growlights are perfect to get a head start on indoors seedling. You can start any where, a table in the kitchen or going vertical using metal shelf. These lights are versatile.  You can use a under cabinet grow light too.

Some model have adjustable bulbs that can be switched between different spectrums, allowing this LED grow light to be ideal for all phases of plant growth from the germination and sprouting stage to the vegetative growth stage and budding/flowering stages.

According to the Feit education center, the blue/white spectrum is for the seedling stage. White is to stimulate vegetative growth while red/white is for flowering and fruiting plants. May we suggest putting your lamp on a timer or smart plug you can control right at your fingertips on your phone?

We gathered a few tips from our partner at Feit on how to use grow light appropriately.


High Light plants

  • Tomatoes, peppers, perennials, ETC
  • Seedlings- Start at 6" for the first 2 weeks. Once the plant can support itself with flowers move into the vegetative stage
  • Vegetative and/or Flowering Stage 16-30"

Low Light Plants

  • Herbs and Leafy greens (such as basil and lettuce)
  • Seedlings- Start at 6" for the first 2 weeks. Once the plant can support itself with flowers move into the vegetative stage
  • Vegetative and/or Flowering Stage 16-30"


  • Rule of thumb, it is recommended to supply 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness throughout the vegetative stage.
  • Once the plant begins to develop flowering buds switch the ON/OFF cycle to 12 hours of light/darkness. Some growers elect to extend the vegetative stage or flip to the flowering stage manually by staying on an 18 hour cycle or by switching to a 12 hour cycle to begin flowering.

Sutherlands is eager to help all you, plant enthusiasts, grow 24/7, all year round. This is a solution to bring the sunshine indoors for your plant to strive in any condition. Stop by Sutherlands for all your indoor planting needs.


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