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If there is a wall, there is a way to create a piece of decor while helping you organize. If you are a carpenter novice, this project is right up your alley to practice with power tools you own!

You can design this board in so many different ways. You might need more hooks for keys, hats, or dog leashes. Maybe you need a bigger space for the mail. Don’t forget to allow space for decors too.

Things you will need:

Determine how big you want to make the circle. We planned to make it big enough to use up the precut 2x2 plywood.



Here is a quick trick to make a circle:

  • Find center of the sheet and mark the spot. Hammer the nail in.
  • Tie a string to the nail and a pencil on the other end with loose string long enough to pull and glide the drawing.
  • Start pulling the string (no slacking) to guide the pencil drawing a circle.


Lay the sheet on the table half way off. Use clamps to secure the board. Cutting with a jig saw half of the way and turn the sheet and finish off the other side. You might not have a perfect circle at this point.

Smoothall edges with an orbital sander.

Cut a 2x4 to the desired length for a shelf. We will predrill all the holes for hooks, a door pull and 2 holes to affix the shelf onto the board before paint and stain. You can also install the hanging hardware at this stage.

To attach the floating shelf

  • Drill 2 holes on the big board.
  • Place the floating shelf over the hole.
  • Push a nail through from underneath the hole to make a dent on that shelf
  • Drill where the dent is
  • Screw in from the back side

Make sure to use the level to test the weight distribution as the 2x4 shelf can make it uneven when hanging. You will need to adjust the position of the hanging hardware if tilting occurs.

Apply paint, stain and let dry overnight. You can have fun with different color combos too.

Next, install all the hardware. Many hardware comes with the nail that might be too long depending on how thick your lumber is. You can always get shorter nails or use rotary tool to cut it off (careful, the broken part will be hot to touch).

When choosing the drawer pull for this shelf, make sure it is wide enough to stop mail from sliding off. A simple clean look, organization at its best. Stop by your local Sutherlands for all things to get you organized; totes, shelves, closet organizer and accessories.


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