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How to Efficiently and Effectively Water Your Lawn

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It is important to water your lawn to keep it green and healthy! It is especially important during the summer months. Of course, when watering, you worry about how much your water bill will be! Watering your lawn can add up! Here are some tips on how to efficiently and effectively water your lawn!

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning, between 6am and 10am. The main reason this time is good to water is because wind speeds are at their lowest and the sun isn't as hot. This will help soak water into your grass and there will be a less chance that it will evaporate during the day. If you do not have time first thing in the morning, you can also water your lawn in the late afternoon between about 4 and 7 pm.

Another tip is when you are mowing your lawn, to go bagless! Let the mower mulch your grass you are cutting and leave the clippings on your lawn. The clippings are like free fertilizer! The mulched grass that is left behind after mowing will help preserve moisture and keep your lawn hydrated throughout the day. This will also help you save money since you will not have to water it as often. Mulch can also be a weed barrier between the soil and the grass. It is better to water deeply and less frequently than to water shallow and often. This will help your grass's roots become stronger. Encourage the deep strong roots of your grass by not cutting your grass too short. If you are using a sprinkler to water your lawn, keep a close eye on it. If you notice there's runoff of water going onto the driveway, sidewalk, or the street, turn off your sprinklers for about 20 minutes to let the soil absorb the water. This too, will help you save on money while watering your lawn more effectively and efficiently.

With deeper roots and less watering, this will help with your water bill costs as well and keep them lower. If you don't have deeper roots, your grass's roots will be shallow and prone to dehydration, weeds, and disease. If your roots are dehydrated then that means you will need to water more frequently which will not help keep those water bills down in the summer!

Keep in mind also that grass on sunny southern sides of you home will need more watering than shady areas and lawns with northern exposure. The schedule for watering and the amount you water will vary for different areas around your home. If you follow these guidelines for watering, your roots will become stronger and your lawn will start looking healthier and brighter in no time! Sutherlands carries a variety of hoses and sprinklers. You can get the task done easy with traveling sprinklers and hose timers too! Set your sprinklers to throw larger drops of water, the fine mist that is sent high from the sprinkler tends to evaporate too quickly so you will not get the deep watering like you should.

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