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How to Choose the Right Light Fixtures

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With so many light fixtures to choose from, it may be hard to choose the right one for each and every room in your home. Each light fixture serves a different purpose and will work better in one room than in others. We are going to break down the types of light fixtures and which room in the home they would work best in.

First let's discuss track lighting. You often see track lighting used to highlight artwork on a wall or to light up an overall space. Track lighting can work well in most rooms in your home, but not the bedroom. Track lighting is too focused and bright for a bedroom. It will work best in kitchens and in larger areas, a living room or basement rec room.

Recessed lighting is installed above the ceiling and has an opening that is flush with the ceiling. Recessed lighting adds accent lighting to any room. It can even accent a hanging ceiling fixture in a room. However, recessed lighting is sufficient enough lighting on its own, without overwhelming any space. You can also add table or floor lamps to the space to provide even more lighting when necessary. Recessed lighting provides ambient light but can also serve as task lighting, with the light going to one direction from each light fixture.

Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is great for extra task lighting. It brightens the kitchen and adds interest in any kitchen. You can choose from hardwired, plug-in, or battery operated lights. These under-cabinet lights are perfect accent lighting to leave on for those midnight snack runs!

When it comes to lamps, there are floor lamps, table lamps, or desk lamps. All of which serve as stylish task lighting. Floor lamps compliment any room's design scheme and are great next to chairs or a sofa. Both floor lamps and table lamps come in all kinds of styles and colors! Choose the one that will best accent your room's décor. Desk lamps have become more stylish, and are perfect for directing light down toward a work space.

Wall sconces can be versatile. They are mounted to the wall and they can direct light upward or downward, depending on how you install the light fixture. It is best to check each fixture to make sure you can either mount up or downward. Sconces add a stylistic touch to a room with their ambient light. They are perfect for a bathroom because they provide a flattering light in that space.

Ceiling lights range from ceiling fan lights and pendant lighting to chandeliers. Ceiling lights are mounted directly to the ceiling. Common ceiling fixtures have either a glass or plastic shade covering the light bulb. They can either be flush with the ceiling or hang down like pendant lighting. Pendant lighting directs light downward, while chandeliers direct light upward.

Last but definitely not least, are light fixtures more about safety than décor. Flood lights and other safety lights, like motion activated lights are always important to have! With all the choices of light fixtures to choose from, stop in Sutherlands today to see your store's selection!

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