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Create Bleach Tie-Dye Shirts!

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This week, we wanted to get a little creative with our DIY project. We went to the thrift stores in our area and picked out some shirts to bleach tie-dye and were pleasantly surprised with some really cool looks! Here is our list of materials we used:

We tried three different styles of bleach dying. The first style is exactly how you would regularly tie-dye a shirt. We would pinch the center of the shirt, and twist it until the entire shirt was compact. Then we would hold it together using a few rubber bands. The next step is to saturate alternating sections of the shirt with bleach. This is what created the really cool swirled patterns that show up.

Dyed shirt 1

For the other shirts, we wanted to try something different. I managed to find a plain navy sweater/sweatshirt at a local thrift store for 3 dollars. It is oversized and super comfy! I decided to try to dip-dye the sweater for a different outcome. To do this, I poured bleach into a five gallon bucket. I then dipped the sweater into the bucket and left it in there until it looked like most of the color was gone from the bottom. Once I rinsed the shirt, I decided I wasn’t done. I wanted to have a little more of a gradual look so I used a spray bottle to try to blend the white into the blue. This created a cool purple-pink color to appear. (Also very important note. Wear glasses if you plan on spraying bleach anywhere!)

Dyed shirt 3

The final way we got creative with bleach was using a bleach pen. I really wanted a cute halloween-themed shirt. I decided to paint on a skeleton rib cage to celebrate the spookiest month of the year. I free-handed this, so it isn’t as nice as it could have been had I used a stencil. But honestly, I was too excited about it to stop!

Dyed shirt 4

We definitely plan on trying our hand at another bleach dye project. What should we tackle next? Let us know in an email to

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