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Container Gardening Benefits Include Gardens Without Yards

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While many of us may think of garden planters and immediately think of a herb garden on a window sill, or a collection of potted palm trees on a deck, the fact remains that container gardening has as many forms as your imagination. While a lot of us may immediately think of the obvious advantages of gardens in pots, there are actually many more container gardening benefits.

No weeding. For many gardeners, this would have to be one of the biggest bonuses of gardens in containers. No bending over pulling the weeds. Not only does this save your back and knees, but also frees up time for far more enjoyable activities.

Mobile. This is probably one of the more obvious advantages to having plants, trees, flowers, or herbs in pots, you can take them with you. This is a huge factor for those keen gardeners who move around a lot.

Why leave your favorite rose bush in someone else's yard? There is nothing worse than investing all that time, money and care into plants that you then have to leave behind when you move. Better still, when you get to your new home, you already have an established garden that you love.

The other great factor about the mobility of potted plants is that if you get tired of the current arrangement you can move your trees and shrubs around. If the rose bush starts to look dead, you can relocate it out of eye sight until it is in full bloom again.

Not Geography dependent. Planting in containers means that you can have your favorite trees and flowers planted in your pots, even if your surrounding soil does not cater to them. If you favor a plant that will not grow in your soil then all you need do is provide the correct growing conditions in the container.

The same goes with the weather. If you want tropical palms and you live in the snow, or you love trees that won't survive a frost, plant them in containers. You will need to ensure that you are able to relocate the containers when you need to move them for the winter or frost.

Don't need a yard. Container gardens can grow on roof tops, patios, decks, window sills, indoors, and hanging from hooks. You don't have to have the space of a yard to provide yourself with color, ambiance, fragrant plants, or edible plants such as herbs, strawberries and fruits.

Height Adjustable. For those gardeners who aren't too keen on getting down to ground level, containers gardens can be brought up to you. The plants can be worked on benches and tables at waist height, saving on bending and kneeling. Those who are really space challenged can make or purchase tiered stands, allowing for more plants to be displayed in the one area.

Less Diseases. Plants in containers are far less susceptible to plant diseases than their cousins planted in the ground. The main reason for this is that quality potting mixes are plant disease, and also weed, free.

Change a Look. Tired of the cottage garden look? Want a tropical oasis instead? Easy, either re-pot, or move the cottage garden around the corner and replace with the lush palm trees. This can be done relatively quickly and is a lot simpler than replanting an entire yard or garden bed. Wooden garden planters come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, which can be a very cost effective way of changing a look.

Extend Growing and Flowering Seasons. You can fool Mother Nature to some degree with potted gardens. Frost susceptible plants and trees can have their pots insulated, or be relocated indoors. Keeping plants warmer or cooler than the great outdoors where you are located can be a great way to keep certain plants flowering longer, and for others to stay green for longer, or grow for extended periods.

Won't Over Run Your Yard. There are many plants that look great in containers but can easily become a nuisance and take over a whole yard if given free reign. Many creepers, along with bamboo, are some great examples of plants that will save you immense heartache and time if they are contained to a pot.

Will Grow In or On Concrete. Container gardens can really give a face lift to a front or back entrance. These areas are often concrete, tiled, or wooden, prohibiting the planting of greenery. A few pots will add immense amounts of visual interest, along with a splash of color.

Great for Camouflage. There is nothing quite like a potted plant to distract the eye from some eye sore. Damaged fences, walls, and stains can be easily hidden with the careful placement of a pot.

Instant Privacy. Those with privacy issues in units and town houses can easily place a selection of potted plants to create an instant visual barrier.

Add Ambiance. A bare patio or room can easily be given a face lift with just the addition of a beautiful plant or tree in a suitable container.


Container gardening can be a great way to enjoy all the positives of having a garden without the necessity of having a yard. Better still, when it is time to relocate, your garden can come right along in the truck with you.

About the Author:
Scott Gray is a garden enthusiast who loves to relax taking care of his garden. For more information about container gardening ideas and terra cotta planters be sure to visit his site

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