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Best Ways to Keep Your Home Pest Free, Inside and Out

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Facing a pest problem is something no one wants to deal with. By the time you notice these creatures in your house, it may be too late, and you could be looking at an infestation. The key to keeping your home free from insects such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other vermin is to prevent them from ever entering.

There are a number of steps and best practices you can use to keep your house safe and bug free. Below are four easy ways to ensure creepy-crawly creatures don’t call your house home.

1. Check Outside Surroundings Every Season – It is essential to make sure your house is properly sealed, keeping unwanted creatures on the outside. Walking the perimeter is not enough to always spot a problem. Checking for any cracks in and around the foundation, windows and doors is a good place to start. Install screens over window wells, chimneys, and any other opening stops larger vermin, such as squirrels and mice from entering. A good bug killer, such as Ortho Home Defense, is essential for those times you just can’t get close enough to squish the little guys. Ortho Home Defense does more than just kill on contact. It’s also a great product for spraying the perimeter of your home. If you spray according to the instructions, the chance of bugs entering your house is greatly reduced.

2. Natural Ways to Repel Bugs – Did you know there are plants that are natural repellants for insects? Herbs like Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme play a big role in keeping bugs away. Ornamental flowers also help to keep pests away. Marigolds and Petunias are beautiful flowers you can keep in your garden or around your house that will fight to keep bugs out.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Clean – One of the easiest places to attract bugs is in the kitchen, and rightfully so. That is the place you keep all the good stuff – the food. Properly sealing your food helps keep insects like ants and roaches from enjoying an unlimited buffet. Wiping up water as soon as it spills is equally important. While many creatures can live without food, most cannot survive without water. A cockroach can survive nuclear attacks and other impossible events, but without water, it can only live a week. Insects like mosquitos are drawn to water. If they have no access to it, they are more than likely going to find another house to inhabit and vacate yours.

4. Products That Will Kill - Even if you follow these steps, it is still a good idea to keep some products on hand, just in case. For example, wasp killer, roach and ant killers, mouse traps. And for the outside, Bayer Pest and Insect killer, HiYield Bug Plaster, and outdoor ant killers. Keep in mind that you may want to find a bug killer that’s safe for pets if you have furry friends.

Sutherlands is happy to provide many of the items you need to keep your home safe from pests, both inside and out.

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