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Concrete Easter Decors

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Easter is a wonderful time to add some festive and creative decorations to your home. DIY Easter decor projects are not only fun to make but also add a personal touch to your space. Let’s think outside of the egg cartons and into a bag of concrete mix! Yes! We will show you how to create these impressive Easter decor perfect for inside or out!

We found these oversized plastic egg and bunny decorations that can be filled with candies. Guess what we plan on filling them with?! Yes, cement. Let’s prepare the molds.

First drill a good size opening to fill the cement. We were successful with using a drill hole saw on the giant egg. For the bunny, you can simply use scissors to make an opening on the bottom of each side.

Find a spot where you can leave this egg overnight. You should try not to move them as they will be very heavy and unstable.

Mix concrete and water to create an oatmeal-like consistency. Place the top end in a container to hold it in place (as pictured). Start filling the top half. Be careful not to tip it over. Once it is almost half filled, snap the bottom end to close gently. You can secure the gap with duct tape as well. Continue filling the egg through the bottom opening. Let dry minimum 2 days, also depending on the type of cement you use; we used Maximizer.

We attempted to fill the bunny from the prepared opening, however as we finished and tried to tap the cement, the bunny came apart! So if you want to keep your bunny in one piece to be able to stand, you must use duct tape all around to seal the split. We opted to try filling both sides and they turned out pretty cute as well, we will show you.

If you only do one side of the mold, make sure the ears and body have the same level of cement when filled so they can connect and come out in one piece. Ours split, especially at the ears. However, that makes our bunny become more like an interactive toy!

Gather up the kids and let’s paint! You can use craft paint or spray paint them all sorts of colors and patterns.

To create this blending look, we used 3 colors for our giant egg: gray as the all over color. Spray the top with yellow, You can even let the paint drip. We used paper towels to wipe it lightly to create imperfection. Then lightly spray the pink on the bottom. Have fun with this! You can even top the egg with gold paint. It will give your egg a little shimmer displaying it outside.

Get creative with patterns, colors and designs to make unique Easter eggs that can be displayed inside or out. Use branch trimming and moss to create a nest. Even our half bunnies make a great decor adding a pop of color around the stepping stones and in a side table, don’t you think? Tag us on social media. We would love to see your creation. Happy Easter from your friend at Sutherlands!

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