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How to Choose a New Refrigerator

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With all the choices now available, you have a lot of exciting decisions to make when choosing your new refrigerator. What style, finish, cubic feet, energy efficiency and amenities people choose depends on their needs and their decor as well as their budget.

Before you start evaluating your choices, measure the height and width of your current refrigerator. Unless you are planning on remodeling your whole kitchen, you will need to replace your current refrigerator with one that has the same dimensions.

Refrigerator styles

Refrigerator styles are now quite varied. Although the old style refrigerator with the freezer on top and the refrigerator below is still available, there are much more exciting styles offered. A refrigerator guide by Ry Crist on lists the following styles:

  • The old style refrigerator with the top freezer comes with or without an ice maker in the freezer compartment.

  • Bottom freezer units with the refrigerator on top are a bit bigger than top freezer ones, with fewer style choices.

  • Side by side units have the refrigerator part on the right and the freezer on the left. They are offered with or without a cold water and ice dispenser in the freezer door.

  • French door refrigerators have upper split doors for the refrigerator part, with a bottom freezer cabinet.

Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, as outlined by Sharon Franke at

Refrigerator finishes

It used to be that avocado green, gold, white and off-white were the only colors available for refrigerators. Now, your color choices are much more varied, including black. Stainless steel finishes, which have become quite popular, have been modified to faux stainless steel finishes that do not show fingerprints and other stains quite as readily.

Other considerations when buying a new refrigerator

Richard Baguley at says it is important to take into account the following considerations when buying a new refrigerator:

  • Running costs of various refrigerators can be compared by calculating how much power the requisite energy label says it takes to run the refrigerator by the cost per kilowatt hour that is listed on your power bill. This is how you can determine how energy efficient the unit will be for you.

  • The capacity of the refrigerator is listed as cubic feet, but it does not take into account the compartments, shelves and drawers. While you can compare the cubic feet of storage in various refrigerators, you also have to visually determine if your things will fit.

Sutherlandsrefrigerators are priced right for your home. Their low cost selection of styles and combinations of refrigerators makes it easy to find the right refrigerator for your needs. And if by chance, you don’t see a refrigerator you like, their helpful sales staff can special order you a refrigerator that is just right for you!

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