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Chicken Wire Flower Arrangement

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What’s that behind this gorgeous arrangement? Chicken wire! Want to give your valentine’s flowers a makeover? Chicken wire!

Chicken wire method is ideal when you are working with a shallow container. Using floral foam alone could be unstable for flower arrangements that are off centered especially.

Things you will need:

Cut out the chicken wire to fit snuggly in the container.

Insert flowers into different slots. Not everything has to be in the center. Place some straight up and try off centered. . You can insert some at an angle and the chicken wire will hold them in place. Have fun with different heights and widths.

If you don’t fill up the container with enough flowers, you can use decorative moss to cover up the chicken wire. We used river rock. To avoid them falling through the holes, we laid a sheet of plastic wrap on top of the wire first.

Don’t forget to give it a good H2O when finished. Fil up to cover all the floating stems. If you need to trim the stems down to keep them fresh days later, you can easily lifted the whole bouquet along with the wire, trim and put the arrangement back in. You can even rearrange them to look like a brand new design!

Have fun.

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