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Cat Scratch Picture Frame

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Is that a piece of art? Perhaps, but not for us humans! It is actually a framed scratch mat for your cats to sharpen their claws and entertain themselves a while.

Things you will need:

Measure frame's opening size for the coconut mat. Depending on the structure of your frame, ours has a little recessed opening where we will fit it right in towards the front of the frame. Measure coconut mat from the corner edges. This will keep you from needing to cut on all 4 sides.

Slowly cut along the lines. You will need a few repetative cuts to get all the way through. We don't recommend using a power tool.

In ventilated area, start spraying the picture frame to your desired color. Let dry.

Plan your design. We went with a geo look with 3 color tones just for fun.

Once both pieces dry. apply caulk in between the frame and mat to help secure the mat. Push the mat in.

You can hang this lower to the floor. Sprinkle a little cat nip to get your feline interested on scratching this instead of your beloved sofa!



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