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Rock the Concrete Love

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You can buy ready made decor for the Feb love month or you can make your own! Plus it is a fun way to get the kids engaged instead of sitting in front of the screen.

Things you will need:

You will be amazed at how many things you might have laying around that can be used as a mold. We find that plastic material is ideal. Spray them with cooking spray.

Start with a few cup of dry mix and slowly add water. Depending on how big your molds are, you won’t need to mix a huge amount. You can keep adding as you go.

Once you get a consistency of oatmeal, pour into the molds. Tap them as you go to lose the bubbles. We weren’t worried about how smooth the backside will be. But if you are, we recommend you let them settle for a bit and go back with a trowel to smoothen them out ( just like how the driveway is poured.)

Be mindful when letting concrete dry, especially the temperature during this time of year. We made this in a garage with the tempt below freezing. It takes longer to dry. Best to bring them inside to finish curing.

Bring on the spray paint! You can experiment with different textures: glossy, matte, chalk, semi gloss, satin. They will give your display a lot more depth.  You can spray some concrete sealer to protect the surface.

These make great decors in a vase, a tray, even a candle holder.


Kids can give them out to their teachers. We recommend using a paint brush to write their special messages as the surface might get scratched off.

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