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Plaster DIY Wall Art

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Ever walking around Sutherlands and an idea sparks, we mean, plastered in your brain like a light bulb moment? One of our staff was in search of an economical way to decorate her home and the love for the plastered wall art look took her to the paint and drywall aisles.

There are many options to create diy plaster textures. One way is using plaster dry mix. This method will give you more bangs for your buck if you want to cover a large space. If you just want to experiment, you can go with either ready-to use plaster or premix joint compound. The latter’s texture is a lot smoother than the premix plaster.

We grab a few tools in the paint aisle; a putty knife, a square notched adhesive spreader and saw notched spreader to experiment with different technique. You can have fun with this depending on what kind of effects you want to achieve.

Paint is optional. Sutherlands carries an assortment of craft paints you can sure have fun with.

If you were not born an artist, just relax. This mixture is very friendly and flexible. If you make mistake, you can do them all over again without it drying instantly. It is like applying icing on a cake.

We used a blank canvas for this project. You can also use a piece of wood as well.

Use the spade and start plastering the canvas in a small section first. If you decide to cover it all, you can spread them out later in different ways.

Above shows the effects of the 2 applicators. We used the saw notched spreader for the arch and the squared notch for the straight line.

Let’s talk about adding colors. On the left we applied light pink on the surface. It doesn’t work as well as premixing the color in. Note that it takes a lot more paint . The compound alone is a bit off white. We added some black paint, it turned more of a lighter gray when dry. We believe adding more black paint will create solid black or you can use color pigment from craft stores.

Drying time depends on how thick the plaster is. Once dry, we sprayed on a protective topcoat. You can use any type of finish.

You can prop the canvas into a floating frame or hang as is. We especially like the XO design, a perfect decor come Valentine’s day, don’t you think?

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