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Old Fashion Kids Swing

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Home is about making memories, especially if you have little kids. Spending time outside can enhance a child's physical and mental well-being. Encouraging children to connect with nature from a young age can instill a love for the environment. What a better way to get them excited than creating a playground right in your backyard. Building an old-fashioned swing can be a fun and rewarding project your family can do together.

Did you know Sutherlands sells all kinds and different thicknesses of cut rope, from vinyl to natural twisted rope, perfect for our old-fashion swing project. We can cut it your desired length. We went with 1/2" Manila natural rope. First you need to pick a spot where you will hang the swing. Make sure you have ample space and free of obstacles. The height of the child will also determine how long a rope you will need and how far up you would need it to be. We recommend getting a plastic welder to bond the end of the rope. You can also use electrical tape but it wont look as nice.


To make a seat, we used a 2x6 treated board. You can cut it into the desired width. Sand any rough edges. You can stain, leave it natural or paint it.

Mark the drilling positions. We drilled 2 holes on each end about 1" from the edge. To determine what size spade to use, lay it against the thickness of the rope as shown.

Clamp the 2x6 to keep it secure. Start drilling. We recommend avoid drilling it all the way through. It can cause the wood to split. After drilling on one side, flip it over and drill through to make the hole.

We used the tape first to help thread the rope through without snagging the rope. You can use the welding glue after the swing is in place.

Thread the rope through the seat and tie a double knot tightly. You want these 2 knots be close to the same spot. Drape The other ends of the rope over the tree and tie the tightest knot to keep both ropes secure. Make sure it is level. You can use welder glue to bond the end of the ropes where the seat is.  Be mindful that you choose a tree is strong enough to hold the weight. 

Swing into a fun filled summer! Stop by your local Sutherlands and we can help you with any outdoor family fun projects!

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