About Ceramic & Stone Floor Tile


If  you have never considered ceramic tiles before, you will  be amazed at the variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes,  and textures available for you to choose from at most Sutherlands  locations.


With  the sophisticated manufacturing processes being used today,  ceramic tiles have become easy to maintain, much more affordable,  and can compliment any interior design. The backside of  a ceramic tile is cast with many different corrugations  designed to provide the proper bonding of the tile to the  setting bed.

Recommended  Applications:
Ceramic floor tiles are recommended in any high traffic  area such as kitchens, bathrooms and door entry ways.

Buying  Tips:
1) Buy all your material at once! Tile lots are  often a one-time purchase, and we cannot always guarantee  we’ll be able to get the same pattern again.

2)  Dye lots also change and may not match from shipment to  shipment.

3)  Ceramic is a man-made product and is generally homogeneous  in construction. In other words, each and every tile has  the identical composition and therefore has predictable  qualities.

4)  Ceramic tiles are generally non to slightly porous with  a very low absorbency.

5)  Ceramic tile should not be installed on wood surfaces. In  those circumstances, it can be installed over cement backer  board or a bed of cement and lath.

6)  Buy approximately 10-20% more for waste.

Cleaning  & Maintenance:
Once installed, tile is very durable and easy to clean.  Grout should be initially sealed and maintained with a sealer  to keep dirt from penetrating and staining.

What You'll Need to Install Tile:
  Plastic Spacers
  Tile Cutter
  Tile Nippers
  Notched Trowel
  Grout Float
     Grout Sponge
  Eye protection
     Clean, Soft Rags
  Empty Buckets
      Work Gloves
     Tape Measure
  Straight Edge
  Knee Pads
  Drill-mount Mixer
    Margin Trowel
  Wet Tile Saw
    Cement Backer Board
  Floor Leveler
  Thinset Bond Additive
  Grout Sealer
  Rod Saw

Stone  Tiles
Much different than ceramic tile, stone tile is a product  of nature and can differ in composition from tile to tile,  and therefore has unpredictable qualities. The backside  of a stone tile has no corrugation and is generally saw-cut  or smoothed.

Solid  Granite
Granite has become very fashionable as a flooring choice,  as well as countertops and shower walls. Today, you'll  find a variety of designer colors (actual stone colors)  to choose from. One big advantage of this type of flooring  is that many scratches can be polished or buffed out  of it, whereas glazed ceramic cannot. Granite becomes  slippery when wet, so careful consideration must be  used in wet locations, such as bathrooms. Granite tile  is in-stock at many Sutherlands locations.

Solid  Marble
Imported in from around the world, quarried natural  marble has the elegance and beauty of faraway places.  The surface of marble tile is hard and colorful. The  look of marble tile is elegant and formal. Since this  is a natural product taken from the earth, there is  very little control in veining and color variation.  It's wise to install out of several different boxes  at a time for an even look. Marble also becomes slippery  when wet, so careful consideration must be used in  wet locations, such as bathrooms. Marble tile is in-stock  at many Sutherlands locations.

Solid  Travertine
Travertine "Limestone" and "Travertine  Marble" are the same stone. They are characterized  by winding, irregular holes in the surface, with the  flats finished to varying degrees of smoothness and  reflectivity. It's appearance, similar to marble is  very grand. Travertine's surface also becomes slippery  when wet, so careful consideration must be used in wet  locations, such as bathrooms. Travertine tile is in-stock  at many Sutherlands locations.
Slate  Tiles
Slate tile floors radiate a subtle, natural beauty.  A beautiful choice in rustic settings, slate is stain  resistant and relatively easy to install. Slate tile  flooring does, however, scuff in heavy traffic areas,  and slate tile floors do need waxing to keep it looking  good. Recommended for both interior and exterior floor.  Slate is available as "gauged"(even thickness)  or "UN-gauged" (random thickness). Slate tiles  are in-stock at many Sutherlands locations.

Please  feel free to write to your local  store for pricing and/or stock information on any  product we carry. Selection varies. Always check first before  assuming items listed above are available at your local  store.

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