Loafing Shed Packages

Loafing Shed
Shown with optional wainscot.

An economical solution for machinery or animals.

This easy-to-build, time-tested pole barn features 468 sq. ft. of storage space, pressure-treated posts and splash board, steel siding, all framing, completely open interior space design and plans.

2 Styles to Choose From:

Farmland or Suburban

Loafing Shed Standard Features:

  • 2x4 Wall Girts
  • 2x4 Roof Purlins
  • 2x6 Rafters
  • 4x4 Treated Posts (may vary by region)
  • Treated 2x6 Splashboard
  • 8' or 10' ceilings (Front)
  • Quality steel roofing and siding
  • Color-matched Roofing and Siding Screws
  • Nails and Hardware
  • Set of Plans
  • No concrete slab required
  • Engineering Wet Stamp not included (if required.)

Related Information:

Sample Pricing for Grand Junction, CO:

(Change Store)
13' x 36' - 8' Front/6' Back Farmland:3645793$2,261.00
13' x 36' - 10' Front/8' Back Farmland:3645876$2,508.00
13' x 36' - 8' Front/6' Back Suburban:3645959$2,597.00
13' x 36' - 10' Front/8' Back Suburban:3646031$2,785.00

There may be different variations of the same size priced. Please see store for details about duplicate sizes.

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Choose from your choice of roof and siding colors:

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