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Project Tips & Guides


  • Adjusting the Pilot Light on a Range
    Steps to follow when adjusting your pilot light.

    Building Packages

  • Garage Basics
    Thinking about building a garage? This information covers basic information on building a single-story detached garage. This guide is meant to assist the beginning do-it-yourselfer.
  • Post Frame Building Basics
    This is an introduction for the Do-it-yourselfer who may be considering building a post-frame building.


  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step 1 - Measuring
    Measuring your Kitchen space
  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step 2 - Planning
    Maximize your storage and workspace.
  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step 3 - Finishing
    Apply a durable finish to unfinished cabinets.
  • Installing Kitchen Cabinets: Step 4 - Installation
    Install the cabinets, end panels, and doors.

    Electrical & Lighting

  • Installing Fluorescent Lighting
    Install fluorescent troffers or fixtures.
  • Installing Recessed Lighting
    How to install recessed lighting cans in an existing ceiling.
  • Replacing Receptacles
    Remove and replace a duplex outlet.
  • Replacing a Ceiling Fixture
    Update your existing light fixture with a new one.


  • Land Measurement Terms & Conversion
    Convert feet into rods, furlongs, miles and more.
  • Planning Your Fence
    Tips about estimating material and tools needed to build your own fence.

    Floor Covering

  • Fixing a Squeaky Wood Floor from Above
    Several different ways of fixing a squeaky floor from above.
  • Fixing a Squeaky Wood Floor from Below
    Several ways from fixing a squeaky floor from below.
  • Refinishing Wood Flooring
    How to finish or re-finish hardwood flooring
  • Removing Scratches from Wood Floors
    How to repair and remove deep scratches from hardwood flooring.
  • Replacing a Damaged Area of Carpet
    One method of repairing a damaged piece of carpet.
  • Replacing Damaged Vinyl Tile Flooring
    Replace a damaged section of vinyl flooring.
  • Replacing a Section of Wood Floor
    How to replace a damaged piece of hardwood flooring.
  • The Three Techniques of Sanding Wood Flooring
    The most effective ways to sand hardwood flooring.


  • Leveling a Droopy Floor
    How to support a floor with an adjustable jack post.

    Heating and Cooling

  • Installing or Replacing a Programmable Thermostat
    It's easy to replace a basic thermostat.
  • Maintaining a Central Air Conditioner
    Easy things you can do to keep your central air conditioner operating at maximum performance.
  • Maintaining A Window Unit Air Conditioner
    Easy things you can do to maintain a window air conditioner.

    Lawn & Garden

  • Plant your Containers in the Fall for Beautiful Spring Colors
    Welcome spring with garden planters resplendent with early blooms to brighten up your home and your life.
  • Garden Planters Will Transform Your Home & Yard
    Include garden planters in the decorating scheme of your home and yard to provide a feast for all the senses - sight, smell, touch, taste, and even sound!
  • How to Build a Backyard Pond
    Installing a pre-formed pond line makes installation a snap.

    Lumber & Plywood

  • Helpful Tips About Lumber
    When you want to learn all you can about woodworking.
  • Lumber Grading
    Lumber grading rates wood according to its use. Learn more about it here.
  • Lumber Dimensions: Nominal vs. Actual
    The difference between “nominal” and “actual” lumber dimensions.

    Millwork & Paneling

  • Fixing Loose Ballusters & Rails
    A quick way of repairing a loose stair balluster.
  • Repairing a Creaking Stairway from Above
    How to repair creaking stairs from above.
  • Repairing a Creaking Stairway from Below
    How to repair creaking stairs from below.


  • The Different Kinds of Paint and Their Usage
    Everything you could possibly want to know about using the right type of paint.
  • Common Painting Terms
    Definitions of Paint terms
  • Preparing and Painting Your Home's Exterior
    Planning and Preparation is the key to making your job easier and professional.
  • All About Paint
    Everything you could possibly want to know about paint and it's proper use.
  • Lead Paint Remediation
    Beginning April 22, 2010, federal law requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb more than six square feet of paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified and trained


  • Kitchen Sinks - Find the Best One for Your Kitchen
    Instead of choosing a sink simply because you want your search to be over, be sure that you choose the best sink for your home.
  • All About Water Heaters
    Just about everybody has a water heater or is served by one. But how much do you know about yours?
  • About Plumbing Traps
    The different types of traps.
  • About Water Shutoff Valves
    The different types of water shutoff valves.
  • Copper Sinks - Make Your Kitchen or Bath Shine
    If you are interested in taking your sink out of the ordinary and well into the extraordinary, choose copper as the material of choice.
  • Composition of a Typical Plumbing System
    An illustration of a common plumbing system.
  • How to Read Your Water Meter
    Reading a water meter made simple.
  • Unclogging Sinks
    Different methods of unclogging a sink.
  • Unclogging a Toilet
    How to unclog a toilet.


  • Handy Hints For Preventative Back Care and a Healthy Spine
    Preventative back care is vital if you want to enjoy a full and pain free life. A "bad back" can be very restrictive in terms of movement and quality of life, not to mention extremely painful.