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Shaw Hardwood

Teragren Bamboo

The 35 Styles of Hardwood Flooring on Display at the Design Gallery:

Many of our Hardwood floor samples are fully installed sections on the floor so they are easier to view. Many others are available for viewing on sample boards.

Some Examples:

Plank size, Description
2-1/4" Unf. Red Oak
2-1/4" Solid Chesapeake Hickory
2-1/4" Columbia Oak Adams Wheat
3" Brazillian Cherry
3" Dayton American Solid Cherr
3-1/2" Columbia African Cherry
3-1/2" Columbia African Rosewood
3-1/4" Dayton Maple
3-1/4" Old Wood Douglas Fir
3-1/4" Northwood Maple
3-1/4" Solid Chesapeake Hickory
3-3/4" D&M 5/8" Bamboo
4 3/4" Time-worn Maple
4" Dayton American Cherry
4" Dayton Hickory
4" Dayton Solid White Oak
4" Dayton American Solid Cherr
5" Missouri Rustic Red Oak
5" Alder
5" Cutler Ridge Walnut
5" Columbia African Walnut (eng.)
5" Solid Chesapeake Hickory
5" Brazillian Cherry
5" Dayton American Solid Cherry
5" Virginia Vintage Oak (engineered)
5" Hickory Autumn (engineered)
5" Virginia Vintage Oak Tobacco (long strip)
5" Whiskey Pine (engineered)
5-1/4" Santiago French (engineered)
7-1/4" Patagonian Pear
7-3/4" Red Oak Character (engineered)
7-3/4" Old Wood Douglas Fir
7-3/4" Berg & Berg Brazillian Cherry (eng.)
7-3/4" Berg & Berg Black Walnut (eng.)
7-3/4" Berg & Berg Brazillian Cherry (3-strip)


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