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QUALITY MATERIALS: When deciding to build or needing to do some home improvements on your home, we hope you consider Sutherlands as your source for materials. Plywood, drywall, insulation and more.

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    Sutherlands Is Your Building Headquarters.

    Planning on building something, but not quite sure where to start? Get to Sutherlands today, we will be happy to help you with any size project. Sutherlands carries all the material you will need. Drywall, lumber, particle board, plywood, mdf board, osb sheathing, insulation, shingles, concrete mix. Anything you need for any building project you will be sure to find at your local Sutherlands.

    When you own a home, your to do list is never done. There is something that always needs to be repaired and you will find everything you are looking for at Sutherlands... outdoor railings, blacktop patch, driveway sealers, fence boards, premix stucco, door jambs, moulding, trim, etc.

    Keeping the exterior of your home in tip top shape is important and Sutherlands can help. Gutters, vinyl soffits, siding, roof coating, roof patch, roof flashing, downspouts, gutter guards, the list of what you will find at Sutherlands to help maintain your home is endless.

    Remodeling or just looking to update your home? Sutherlands has you covered! Cabinets, plumbing fixtures, rough electrical supplies, as well as those finishing touches, painting supplies, furniture, and flooring.

    More and more people are looking to their backyard as additional living space. Sutherlands can help you with building the perfect patio. Choose the color of patio blocks and pavers that complement your home. Outdoor fire pits have become very popular. Your family will have many enjoyable evenings outside.

    Last but not least, having the right tools makes the job easier! Sutherlands carries name brand tools at affordable prices.