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Taking proper care of your newly planted trees

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Taking proper care of your newly planted trees is vital for the best outcome. Sutherlands is stocked with everything you need to make sure your trees survive and thrive! Below you’ll find our tips for proper tree care!

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree” - Joyce Kilmer 


Newly planted trees will be under stress. Make sure and deeply water newbie during the first two weeks. After that, water it once a week for the first year, taking rainfall into account. 


Mulch is vital in warding away weeds, retaining moisture, and controlling the soil temperature. Place 2-4 inches of mulch in the tree’s drip zone ( as far as the leaves grow out). Avoid over mulching which can lead to fungi and disease. 


Make sure your newbies are getting the proper nutrients to thrive. 


Now go further and thrive! 

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