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Painting Glass with Decorative Spray Paint

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Having seen tons of DIY projects involving spray painting glass, I decided to put different types of spray paint to the test! I have never used any sort of paint on glass before, so I was a little concerned as to whether or not the paint would actually adhere to the glass. I first did my research on  the different types of paint I wanted to use. I went in to Sutherlands and grabbed a good variety of styles and finishes. Next, I went to a thrift store and picked out a few glass vases. I wanted a variety of shapes and colors, and managed to get out of the thrift store for under $20!

When I got everything organized I started to “pair up” spray paints with vases. My first choice was immediately to pair the frosted glass paint with the pale blue tinted vase I found. I really wanted to get that sea-glass look. I thought that the shape looked perfect to create that effect as well.

So, I will be honest, when I first started using this spray paint, I was so disappointed. I expected it to work like every other spray paint and you see the results immediately. For this one, you really need to let it dry for it to take effect. Once it dried I got the exact result I wanted! Patience is key for this spray paint. I ended up loving the results so much, I painted a second vase with it!

Frosted glass


The next spray paint I really wanted to try was this metallic paint. I thought it would look really cool on this little jug/vase I found. I figured the metallic would show really well on all the flat edges. I needed to do a little bit of scrubbing on this vase first, as it was still a little grimy. Always make sure your spray paint surfaces or clean or it could change how the effect looks. With a metallic spray I wanted to get the smoothest coat of paint I could.

Soft metallic coating


Spray painting with this was remarkably satisfying. It went on smoothly and you could instantly see the difference. It is almost like a soft metallic coating which I actually like better than it being too shiny. This would be a perfect paint for anyone wanting to paint picture frames, tin man costumes, or accent pieces around the home! This paint made the unique shape stand out more than it did when it was simply clear.


Painted bottle

The next paint that I was really excited about trying was glitter paint of course! I have seen so many people spray painting wood and cardboard in glitter, and so I wanted to see if it would work on glass. I started by cleaning the entire surface. Then I made sure to spray paint this in a cardboard box, just in case glitter decided to fly everywhere. I was surprised when it didn’t.




Glitter paint


I needed to do two coats to make sure that I got the maximum amount of glitter covering the surface. I would be interested to see if the results would be any different had I used the metallic spray first, then done a coat of glitter. I definitely recommend doing a top coat over this just to help smooth the surface more, and to make sure no glitter flakes off in the future.


Glitter paint on cup


The next spray paint I was really curious about was the hammered metallic paint. I wanted to see how the paint looked on a non-textured surface. This was the most difficult piece to paint just because of the rounded shape, but I am super happy with the outcome. I think the rounded shape is what gave the paint even extra marbling as it dried.




Hammered paint


This paint has such a cool effect that would look great on lamps, metal furniture, outdoor furniture and other accessories around the home. I might see how this looks on some pumpkins this fall!


Painted bottle

All together, I think my very favorite paint was the sea glass. I ended up using it on a second vase that had a pale green tint and it also looked amazing! I think it would be cool to use on a glass ball to create a “crystal ball” for Halloween! Keep checking the blog for our upcoming fall projects!



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