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Indoor Plants for Clean Air

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While everyone is staying inside during the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought it would be a good idea to bring the outdoors in. Indoor plants can really liven up the space and bring pops of green into the home. However, there are many unseen benefits to having live plants inside. One of those benefits is that they clean the air. Having fresh air is so good for your health and well being, so today we are listing some of our favorite indoor plants that boost air quality. 

Here are our top seven plants to help provide clean air indoors:

Golden Pothos. This is one of our favorites simply because it is one of the easiest to take care of. Pothos is an extremely sturdy plant and they survive in nearly any enviornment. As long as they get water every now and then, they will flourish and continue to grow long draping vines that are great for corner spaces!

Golden Pothos


 Spider Plants. These plants love sunny spots, so if you have a window that streams lots of sun in, go ahead a put a spider plant near it. They do a great job purifying the air, and we love these plants in the kitchen on window sills!

Spider Plants

 Mums. If you are wanting some added color, go for mums! These are beautiful flowers that are said to help rid the air of ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene from the air. You can also replant these in your garden if they start growing too big indoors. These plants need to be watered regularly so they are a little more picky than other indoor plants, but they are stunning. 


 Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is not only great for cleaning the air but it is great for treating burns, inflammation and helps clear up wounds. These plants do not need too much sun, but they like to be heavily watered before drying out. Aloe vera is great to have around at all times!

Aloe Vera

Boston Fern. Boston ferns are wonderful for visuals as well as purifying the space. These big, bushy ferns are great for hanging up or placing on a mantle or shelf. We recommend putting these ferns in indirect light. They make a great statement in any room, and are fairly easy to care for. 

English Ivy

English Ivy. English Ivy is a powerhouse of clean air. Apparently, English Ivy is even effective in clearing up mold in houses. This plant loves lots of bright sunshine, so best to put this near a window. The long draping ivy is especially beautiful in a living room or kitchen. This plant gets rid of so many pollutants that we highly recommend having one. 

English Ivy

Peace Lily. This is a beautiful smaller plant that is great for removing chemicals from the home. These plants have stunning white flowers that bloom. They also smell amazing, so that is a wonderful added bonus to owning one of these plants. Peace Lilies like to be watered around once a week and do well in medium sunlight. 

Peace Lily

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