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How to Style a Large Living Room

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When placing furniture into any living room, it can be overwhelming and hard to decide where to put everything! It is especially difficult when trying to figure out what to put where. It can be challenging, but with a few helpful tips, you should be able to place furniture and décor pieces around your living room with ease!

For a large living room it is best to designate zones. Unlike with a small living room where you only have enough space for one seating area for conversations, in a large living room you can create multiple! Designate two or even three (if you have enough space) spots in the living room that are conversation zones. Makes these areas intimate with a couple of chairs so the conversation can flow easily. You can also designate a game zone, with space for a couple of chairs and a game table. Adding a desk or console to a space in the room is perfect to sit at if you need a space to jot down a few things. Having separate, designated areas in a large living room will make it feel more intimate, and as mentioned earlier, help to make the conversation. The worst thing about a large living room would be having a couch on one end of the room and seating on the other end...this would make it very hard to converse with your guests.

Be bold! Use large pieces of furniture or even built in bookcases to anchor the room, then add in smaller pieces here and there. You can also use bold color when it comes to your color pattern and artwork. Colors and patterns can be used to break up big, empty walls. This can help to cut the size of a tall wall down, and make the room feel more cozy. You can even add wainscoting with different shades of neutrals or colors painted above and below the molding. Go bold and use large scale pieces. You can also use smaller framed prints and group them together to make a larger punch in the room. You want the scale of the pieces to match the scale of the room.

If you do decide to go bold on the color and patterns in your living room, it is a good idea to tie the color scheme and style of the room together. This means to repeat fabrics and colors throughout the room. Use the same fabric you have on a chair for a throw pillow that you have on the sofa. This will make the room more visually appealing. Use the same fabric on your chairs.

Decorating and arranging furniture for a large living room space doesn't have to be difficult. It may seem overwhelming at first but with a little trial and error, your living room will be perfect and work well for your family! Shop the latest furniture pieces at Sutherlands! We have all you need to fill any large room in your home.

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