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How to Paint Like a Pro

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When planning to paint the inside or outside of your home, you may not think it will be an easy job. Well it can be! In order to have your painting project go smoothly and look great in the end, there are a few things to consider before starting your project.


The first thing you want to do before you start painting is to check that all surfaces that you will be painting are clean and smooth. This goes for interior and exterior painting. You will want to fill in any holes you may see around the exterior of your home or interior. If painting the outside of your home, make sure that it is free of mildew. If you see mildew is present, it is best to get rid of it by using one part bleach to three parts water or check out the selection of house cleaners Sutherlands carries. Apply the bleach mixture or the cleaner you purchase and wait 20 minutes, then scrub it off. You could also prep your exterior for paint by using a power washer. You will want to get rid of any loose, flaking paint, as well. You may need to sand any rough spots or edges to ensure that you have a smooth surface to paint on. Before popping open any cans of paint, you should have furniture either moved out of the room you are painting or covered with drop cloths completely. You want your clean up to be as easy as possible, so you definitely do not want to have to go around spot cleaning floors or furniture when you are finished painting.


Next, you want to take a look at all of the equipment that you have. Check that you have everything you will need to get the job done. You don't want to get started painting and then realize you are missing a key tool. A good tip is to have plenty of brushes in different sizes. This will prove to be most beneficial. You want a brush that is springy and has tightly packed bristles. Painting the exterior, or have tall ceilings inside your home? Make sure you have a sturdy ladder if necessary. A good idea also is to wear gloves or goggles to protect your hands from splinters and your eyes from paint.


If you are painting inside your home, the temperature outside does not play a factor since you can control the temperature inside. But if you are wanting to paint the exterior of your home or even just your front door, there are weather conditions you need to consider. Exterior painting is best to do in mild weather, around 60 to 85 degrees. Also try to avoid painting where there is wind and direct sun.


Finally another key component to painting like a pro is using a high quality paint. After all of the prepping and money spent on equipment, the paint is not a place where you should try to save. High quality paint will make a big difference. Sutherlands offers a variety of high quality paints and stains at affordable pricing! We also have all the painting equipment you need to get the job done!



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