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How to Paint Furniture

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Not only do you come to your Sutherlands store to buy paint for your home, many also come in to buy paint for old furniture. Bringing new life to old furniture is a great way to reuse furniture that has been nicked up, scratched, or is just old and in need of a facelift! We are going to walk you through how to paint old wood furniture and make sure it looks brand new! We will tell you how to take your furniture, all the way through to the end result!

The first step is sanding down the wood furniture that you are repainting. You will want to sand all surfaces with a 150 grit sandpaper. Be careful not to gouge the surface in any way, you just want to rough up the surface a little so that the primer has something to adhere too. That is why sanding your furniture is very important! After you have sanded down the piece of furniture you will have a lot of residue. Make sure that you wipe down the surface with a tack cloth, to ensure you get a smooth finish once you start painting. You don't want to use a paper towel or something that could leave lint behind. Stick with a tack cloth and you will be safe.

After you have wiped down the entire surface you will want to prime it. If you are painting a laminate furniture, you will need to use a shellac-based primer. If it is a natural wood piece of furniture, then a normal primer is fine to use. When priming, it is best to use a foam roller and foam brush to get into the hard to reach spots. Once the piece of furniture is fully dry, sand away any drips and wipe down again with your tack cloth.

After priming and wiping down the piece of furniture, use another foam roller to apply three coats of semi-gloss paint. You will want to allow 6-8 hours of drying time in between coats. If you see any drips or residue, make sure to sand them away before continuing onto the next coat. You'll use the same sanding block but you will want to use a new tack cloth so that nothing on the old one sticks to any wet paint.

After you have the entire piece painted, use a new foam roller to apply a thin coat of water-based protectant in gloss. This coat will need to go on very lightly to smooth out any bubbles that can occur. The piece will need to dry for 72 hours at least before using or else it can get sticky if it doesn't have enough time to dry.

At Sutherlands you can find all the materials you need to paint an old piece of furniture and make it look brand new!

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