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How to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

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Having a small space in your house can be tricky to decorate but there are ways to decorate with furnishings that will make it look bigger than it actually is! We will go through some of the ways to make your small space look and feel bigger.

First off you want to have a color scheme in your room that is light, rather than dark. Neutrals, pastels, and whites are all great color options when choosing the color scheme for your small room. When choosing colors, you want light colors not only on the walls but throughout. Apply that color scheme to the furniture and rugs as well. Treat your ceiling and floor like your fifth and sixth walls. A light colored floor such as light oak or a light colored carpet will make the room appear bigger and more open. Same goes for the ceiling. Use a light color or white on the ceiling to open up the space above.

Lighting in the small space can also help open it up and make the room feel bigger. Recessed spot lighting is visually appealing and saves space...making it the perfect lighting option for a small room. Natural light is another type of lighting that will make the space feel more open. A skylight can really help open up the room and make the ceiling feel taller, giving it a feel of an even bigger room.

Keep accessories in the room to a minimum. To avoid a cluttered feeling in a small room, limiting your accessories is a good idea.A good accessory to add to a small room are mirrors. Wall mirrors reflect light and images. Mirrors can make your room feel double its size. Along with mirrors, add paintings. One large piece of artwork will work better than a grouping of small pieces of art. Smaller sized furniture is a must as well. You don't want any oversized furniture in a small will just make it feel even smaller! You want to have ample seating too. Adding chairs to the room, and having them pushed up against a wall will open the space. Then when friends are over, bring them into the seating area for additional seating.

Think glass! When searching for furnishings for the room, add a glass table, whether it be a dining table, coffee or end table. Having glass will make the space feel large, almost as if there isn't even furniture in the room!

Overall, you want your small space to feel as open and airy as possible. Use light colors, small furniture, and glass pieces when you can. You don't want to overload a room and make it feel cluttered. Use light colors in the furniture and in the paint and flooring, keeping the colors in the same color scheme.

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