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How to Choose the Right Power Tools

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When choosing to buy power tools, whether for yourself or as a gift, there are many things to take into consideration to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. You want to be sure you get the power tool that is right for your skill level. Some of the power tools out there are definitely for the more experienced. We'll go over a few of the more popular power tools that most are in the market for.

First is a Power Drill. You can get a cordless or a corded power drill. When choosing a power drill you will want to consider power, mobility, and weight. Cordless drills offer you the mobility. You do need to recharge the battery in your cordless drill periodically. It is a good idea to keep spare batteries around so when it comes time to recharge, they can keep you going and not interrupt your work. With batteries, this will also make the drill that much heavier. The battery will get that much heavier the more volts that the drill has. If you opt for a cordless drill, a lithium ion battery is lighter and has the same voltage as a heavier nickel cadmium battery. A corded drill is also a good choice. It is powerful and since it does not have a battery, it is lighter. However, the cord will make maneuvering it that much more difficult. So if mobility is important to you and you can handle the extra weight, then the cordless drill is the way to go. If this is for smaller projects and you cannot carry too much weight, go for the corded drill. Either option will give you the power you need and help get any job around the house done!

When shopping for a circular saw there are the same things to consider as you would when shopping for a power drill. Do you want a cordless circular saw or a corded one? Again it's best to think about how you will be using it and which will work best for your needs. Choose the amps or volts you want - the higher the more cutting power. Then decide if you want the saw to have electric brakes, which can stop the blade in as little as 2 seconds. Some even have a laser guide feature that will help the accuracy when cutting. There are also different types of blades to choose from when looking at circular saws. Find the best one that suits you.

Any tool should feel comfortable when you use it. Think about how it will feel after holding it and working with it for a few hours. It is good to think about the work you will be doing with the tool and if the weight of it is something you can handle for a few hours if necessary. Sutherlands has a variety of power tools to choose from. We have the perfect one that will fit your needs. Our experts will help you decide which is the best one for you and answer any questions about power tools that you may have!

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