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How to Choose Between Vinyl and Wood Siding

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Do you have wood siding on your home currently and have been thinking about switching over to vinyl? Or have you just moved into a home, and are considering switching from the old wood siding to new, vinyl siding? What you first need to look into is...which is better?

When it comes to wood or vinyl siding, there are pros and cons to both. If you live in an older home and already have wood siding, you may want to keep the character that your home exudes from the wood siding that is already in place. Wood siding won't decay but will need to be stained or painted every few years. If maintained, the wood siding could last as long as the home itself. Damaged boards can easily be replaced as well. This will also help keep a long lifespan. Wood is, of course, flammable. If you choose wood siding, look for a factory-treated wood siding with flame retardant. Wood siding can be expensive, sometimes even twice the price of vinyl siding. Another downfall when it comes to wood siding is that it can be damaged or even destroyed by pests like termites. There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to wood siding. These are good things to consider before making the purchase. Wood is a great product to use for siding. It will take some maintaining but if the look and quality of wood is what you like, then wood is the one for you.

Vinyl is another popular choice for siding. It is less expensive than wood. It is also easier to maintain. Vinyl never needs to be sanded, refinished or repainted. The only real maintenance is the occasional cleaning. Another good thing about vinyl is that unlike wood, vinyl cannot be damaged by pests. Vinyl isn't susceptible to damage from wood-eating pests like termites or carpenter ants. While these pests can't harm the vinyl siding itself, they could still damage your home by getting underneath vinyl and attaching your home's wood frame. The biggest pro when it comes to vinyl is the low maintenance. Although you must remember that vinyl siding is low maintenance, not no maintenance. It is still important as mentioned earlier to keep clean and if a repair needs to be done, to do that repair right away. While there are many benefits when it comes to vinyl siding, there are of course some downfalls. Vinyl can crack as it ages, especially if it is exposed to extreme temperatures. You will also want to be sure that when you use a grill or even a fire pit, anything that gets hot or has a flame, that it is not placed too close to the vinyl siding. Vinyl siding will melt when exposed to extreme heat. Other than a few cons, vinyl siding is a nice, low maintenance product that will last you for years.

Now that you have heard the pros and cons of both wood siding or vinyl siding, you can decide which will work best for you. Once you decide, check out Sutherlands selection of siding products!


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