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How to Choose Between Tree Stands or Ground Blinds When Hunting

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Are tree stands or ground blinds better for hunting? What is the best method for staking out your prey? Is one system better than the other? There are a few things to consider when trying to figure out which hunting approach will work the best for you. Both are highly successful so you can't go wrong with either, it just depends on what fits your needs the best and if you are shooting or bowhunting.

Tree stands work especially well since you are elevated high up in a tree. Using a tree stand means you are high up and out of sight of your prey's line of sight. Being elevated also helps to confine your scent up above your prey's nose so it is less likely that they smell your scent. Tree stand hunting is most beneficial for bowhunting. Shooting from an elevated position is tricky and can be especially difficult since most shooting practice is done in level ground. Most people are not used to shooting from a high elevation. This, of course, can be overcome with plenty of practice.

Ground blind hunting works well if you are looking to hunt in an area where there are few trees. An enclosed ground blind can be hard to use if you are bowhunting. You need plenty of room when shooting a traditional bow. You need room to stretch your arms and the placement of the windows in enclosed ground blinds are not ideal to get good shots. When using a ground blind make sure you take into account the angle of the blind as well as range of sight from the blind. Also watch sun direction to make sure sunlight does not bounce off bare skin and scare any prey away. Also make sure the winds are steady. It is important that when you use a ground blind that you use something to deter the human scent since you are not at an elevated surface like a tree stand. You can use any natural scents that will mask your own. A good tip to remember is, when possible, set up the ground blind in a field or open area where bird flocks pass. If you see birds flying away or fluttering, that is a good sign that larger animals are approaching which could be potential prey.

No matter which hunting approach you choose, make sure you take the time to analyze the area before you set either method up to find the best spot. And of course, enjoy your time on the hunt! Stop by Sutherlands to find either tree stands or ground blinds. We have a variety to choose from. Find that and your other hunting gear while shopping at Sutherlands

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