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How to Care for Your Tools

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Tools can be a big investment. If you take good care of them, they will last you for a long time. This is much better than having to replace them every couple of years because they broke or have gotten rusty. Storing them well and keeping them clean are the two main ways to keep your tools in great shape and lasting a long time!

 Storing Your Tools

Where and how you store your tools is completely dependent on the kind of space you have at your home. Pegboards are a great storage system. It keeps your tools well organized and makes good use of wall space. However, if wall space is something you are lacking, then a toolbox or a chest of some sort will work better for you. Storing tools in your toolbox not only is a great storage system but also provides the portability of bringing your tools with you wherever and whenever you may need them.

No matter where you store your tools, it is important to keep them rust free. Here are a few tips to keep your tools rust free.

Keep your tools in a dry place. If you keep your tools out in the open in either your garage or basement, it is important to remember that while they may seem like a dry place, both can have humidity issues. It is a good idea if storing tools in either one of these places to invest in a dehumidifier. This will help keep the dampness down. Although buying a dehumidifier is an extra cost for you, it isn't too expensive compared to expensive tools that you are trying to maintain and keep them lasting long.

Hang up your garden tools. By hanging your garden tools up and off of the floor, this will help keep them clean and rust free. If you lay them on your concrete floor in your shed or garage, they can get wet from moisture caused by the concrete floors.

Use silica gel packs or rust collector. Silica gel packs seem to come in every package these days. Instead of throwing them away, throw one in drawers where you store tools or in a toolbox. They will help keep moisture away and therefore rust. You could also purchase anti-rust liners for drawers, shelves, or toolboxes.

Cleaning Your Tools

Hand tools: You can clean most of your hand tools just by wiping them down with a rag. If they are very dirty then soap and water will do the job. Put a couple of sprays of WD-40 on metal parts of your tools and wipe with a rag. This light film of WD-40 will help keep the rust away.

Power tools: Power tools have a lot of components and can be harder to clean. The first thing you want to do before cleaning any power tool is to make sure that it is unplugged! Wipe down the surface of the tool, getting rid of any dust. You will then want to lubricate any moving parts. Machine oil will work great for this or check with the manual of the power tool, that may have a different recommendation.

A final tip is to make sure you are always checking your tools and fixing any repairs right away. Check out all the tools Sutherlands has to offer!

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