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DIY Halloween Spider Home Decor

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Decorating for Halloween is always a scary good time! This DIY giant spider is sure to give your trick or treaters a fright! It is simple to make with a big payoff! 


First thing - gather supplies!


4 - Tube Pipe Insulation

1 - Trash bag

1 - Roll of wire tie

1 - Roll of duct tape

1 - Roll of plastic-coated wire

Paper for stuffing 

supplies for making a diy spider

Step 1: Making the legs. 


Lay the pipe insulation down crisscrossing one another and tie together using the wire tie. 

pipe insulation criss cross held together with wire tie


Step 2: Making the body. 


Fill the trash bag with paper partially and tie it off with the wire tie creating the head.

trah bag with paper tied off to create spider head


Fill the trash bag the rest of the way and tape shut with duct tape. Attach the body to legs with duct tape. 

spider laying on concrete


Step 3: For best effect.


Thread the plastic coated wire through the pipe insulation. This will help with posing the spider.

pipe insulation with coated wire thread through


Duct tape the legs.

duct tape the pipe insulation



All done! Your spider is ready to haunt your home. 

finished halloween spider

Check out our Instagram for a video of us making our own!

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