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5 Tips to Deer Hunting

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Deer hunting season can be a great success for most! But if you don't have the essential tips for deer hunting, you may fall short of success during the season! We have compiled a list of a few helpful hints for being successful when deer hunting.

Hunt into the Wind:

Although a scent eliminating spray or clothing can help to eliminate some of your is still helpful to hunt in the right wind. You want to make sure you hunt with the wind in your favor. Even though you are as quiet as can be or blend in with your surroundings, you can't trick a deer's sense of smell. It is best if you have a tool to determine the wind direction. Once you determine which direction the wind is coming from, it is best to hunt into the wind and stay downwind of where you think you will spot a deer.

Cover your face and hands:

it's important to remember to cover your face and hands when hunting for deer. Your face and hands are two parts of the body that move around the most. Cover your face and hands so that they blend into the background.

Dress the Part:

Deers don't see color quite like we do. Wearing full camouflage gear is not necessary. Deer see colors at the blue end of the color spectrum and the ultra-violet spectrum. Meaning, don't wear blue colored clothing when hunting, such as jeans. This also means to not wash hunting clothes with detergents that contain UV brighteners.

Keep Quiet:

This tip is very important. Out in the woods, especially when things are very quiet, sound can carry a long distance. It is critical that when you pull up to your hunting site that you do not slam your car door! This unnatural noise can carry hundreds of yard away. Seasoned deers know what that sound means and will act more cautiously after hearing it, leading to the hunter having bad luck during the hunt!

Choose the right time to hunt:

The most productive time of the day to hunt deer is in the morning and the evening. However, deer are smart. They will quickly catch on to your pattern and avoid the times of the day that most hunters are out. Also, bucks move around most of the night, so by the time 11 AM comes, they are ready to get back up and walk around. Again, if they know your pattern, this will deter them from coming out. Of course, it would be best to be prepared and sit at your stand all day long. But, that is not always an option. The best thing to do would be to mix up the time you go hunting so it mixes up your pattern. Whatever time you hunt, you should include 10AM to 1PM which are known to be critical times of the day to hunt and have success.

Those are just a few helpful tips when deer hunting. Of course, it all depends on what works best for you, and a lot of trial and error. You may find that some tips work better than others. Do what works for you, and you should have great success every deer hunting season!

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