Copper Sinks - Make Your Kitchen or Bath Shine

Copper is a gorgeous material, so it is no surprise that copper sinks are popular and popping up in kitchens and baths all over the place! If you are interested in taking your sink out of the ordinary and well into the extraordinary, choose copper as the material of choice. Copper has many benefits, mainly its rich, warm color. While retaining the popular metallic properties, copper does not have the same industrial look as stainless steel sinks do. Furthermore, copper can be hammered and hand shaped to create a sophisticated, yet rustic look. If you are interested in choosing a copper sink for your kitchen or bath, look to these helpful tips to make your choice a lot easier.

Colors of Copper

Copper is a material that changes color as time progresses. If you are interested in the look of bright, shiny copper for your bath or kitchen, then your sink will need to be properly maintained to keep the look alive. These sinks often have a special finish that will keep your copper bright and shiny for the lifetime of the sink. However, if the look of copper will naturally progress into darker shades that can even appear bronze in some instances. The infamous green-tinged patina usually associated with copper can also be an option when it comes to sinks. However, if you are interested in maintaining an aged look for your vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, bar sinks, or kitchen sinks, this is an option available from many companies that produce copper sinks already aged to perfection.

Caring for Copper

Copper sinks are made using a special casting process that ensures these plumbing fixtures to be durable and long-lasting. However, copper does need to have special precautions taken when it comes to the durability of the sink. Since copper has a low melting point, you should avoid hot pots or utensils coming in contact with your copper kitchen sink. Although the sink will probably not melt, the heat can certainly warp or change the surface of the sink, potentially ruining the look of your sink.

When it comes to cleaning your copper sink, you should only use proper cleaning solutions. Some solutions could potentially strip the protective finish off your sink or cause damage to the copper itself. A soft rag can go a long way in keeping your sink polished and looking great. Since copper retards the growth of bacteria and many molds, harsh antibacterial cleansers are not necessary. Be sure to take great caution against using any abrasive cleansers or items that could scratch or mar the finish of your sink. One great thing about many sinks is that most surfaces scratches can be easily buffed out by a professional, leaving you with a sink that looks as good as new.

Artistic Sinks

Instead of hanging art on the walls of your home, consider choosing more function pieces as art. A hand hammered copper sink is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an artistic look. Furthermore, copper sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so that you can find the right sink for your space. Instead of trying to hide your sink, make it stand out as the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, there are countless styles of copper faucets available that will allow you to finish the design look of your kitchen or bath.

In addition to the textures of sink available, consider choosing a unique style of sink. A vessel sink is often the perfect answer for anyone looking for a punch of style for a bathroom. These vessel style sinks may look like an antique copper pot or basin that is casually sitting atop your countertop, making it stylish and stunning.

If you are interested in taking your sink out of the ordinary and well into the extraordinary, choose copper as the material of choice. Copper has many benefits, mainly its rich, warm color. With easy care, your copper sink will be a piece of art in your home.

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Scott Gray is currently a home improvement enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing tips to consumers who are in the market for a new sink including all types of copper sinks.

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