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1.25-2in H X 10.75-14.75in W X 10.75-14.75in (1)
1.5-1.75-1in H X 12-16.25-19.5in W X 7.75-10.25-12in (1)
10-12-12.5in H X 8.25-9.25-10.25in W X 5.25-6.5-7in (1)
10-12.75-14.5in H X 4.25in W X 3.5in (1)
10-13-16in H X 6.75-9.75-13.5in D (1)
10-20in H X 8-58in W X 8.5in (1)
10.25-12.5-15.25in X 6in D (1)
10.25in H X 10in W X 6in (1)
10.25in H X 11in D (1)
10.5in H X 18in W X 1in (1)
10.5in H X 9.5in W X 5.5in (1)
10in H X 15in W X 4.5in (1)
10in H X 6in D (1)
11-14-16in H X 4-4-6.5in W X 4in (1)
11.25-12in H X 9.75-18in W X 10-12.75in (1)
11.25in H X 12.25in W X 8in (1)
11.5in H X 11.5in W (1)
11.5in H X 17.5in W X 8.5in (1)
11in H X 10.5in D (1)
12.25in H X 10.75in W X 10in (1)
12.5-15.5-18in H X 6.25-8.25in D (1)
12in H X 10in W (1)
12in H X 13.5in W X 6.5in (1)
12in H X 7.5in W X 7.5in (1)
12in H X 9.5in D (1)
13.5-21in H X 8.25-10in W X 6.25-7.25in (1)
13in H X 10.25in D (1)
13in H X 10in W X 5in (1)
13in H X 12in D (1)
13in H X 34in W X 6in (1)
13in H X 6.25in W X 6.25in (1)
13in H X 6.5in D (1)
13in H X 9.5in W X .75in (1)
13in H X 9in D (1)
14-14.25in H X 7.5in W X 4.75-4.5in (1)
14.25in H X 6.25in W X 9.75in (1)
14.5-18in H X 14-17in W X 5.25-6in (1)
14.5in H X 11.25in W X 9.5in (1)
14in D (1)
14in H X 14in W (2)
14in H X 14in W X 3in Per Section (1)
14in H X 20in W (1)
15.75in H X 15.75in W Per Section (1)
15.75in H X 7.25in W X 7.25in (1)
15.75in H X 7.5in D (1)
15.75in H X 8.75in D (1)
15.75in H X 8in D (1)
15in H X 8.75in W X 8.75in (1)
16.25in H X 12.25in W (1)
16.25in H X 12.75in W X 7.25in (1)
16.5in H X 4.5in W X 5.5in (1)
16.5in H X 9in W X 6.5in (1)
16.75-21.75in H X 18.25-24.5in W X 16.25-21in (1)
16in H X 13in W X 5in (1)
16in H X 6.25-6.75in W X 5.5in (1)
17.5in H X 12.75in W X 8.5in (1)
17.5in H X 13.5in W X 2.75in (1)
17.75in H X 17.75in W X 7in (2)
17in H X 7in W X 12.75in (1)
18.5-21.25-24.5in H X 6.25in D (1)
18.5in H X 14in D (1)
18.5in H X 7.25in D (1)
18in H X 12.25in W X 12.25in (1)
18in H X 18in W (2)
18in H X 9in W X 9in (1)
19.25in H X 17.5in W X 10.75in (1)
19.69in H X 3.15in W X 21.65in (1)
19in H X 11.5in W X 6.5in (1)
2.5-2.75in H X 12.25-15in W X 18.5-21.25in (1)
2.75-3.5in H X 15-17.75in D (1)
2.75in H X 26in W X 11in (1)
20.5in H X 11.25in W X 11.25in (1)
20.5in H X 6in D (1)
20.75in D (1)
20.75in H X 20.75in W (1)
20.75in H X 7.75in W X 18in (1)
21.5in H X 11.25in W X 12in (1)
21.5in H X 18in W X 4in (1)
21.5in H X 21.5in W X 10.25in (1)
21in H X 24in W X 14in (1)
22.00in H X 14.50in W X 14.50in (1)
22.5in H X 8.25in W X 7.25in (1)
23.25-27in H X 6.5-8.25in W X 3.25-4.5in (1)
23.25in D (1)
23in D X 1.75in (1)
23in H X 24in W X 17.75in (1)
24.5in H X 32in (1)
24.5in H X 7.5in W X 11.75in (1)
24.75in H X 19in W X 5.5in (1)
24in D (1)
24in H X 19in W X 13.5in (1)
25.75in H X 17in D (1)
26.5in H X 17.75in W X 3in (1)
26in D X 3.5in (1)
29.25in D (1)
29.5in H X 16in W X 11in (1)
29.5in H X 29.5in W (1)
29.75in H X 12.75in D (1)
3.5-5.5-6.5in H X 3.5-5.5-7in W X 5.5-7.5-10.5in (1)
3.5-5.5in H X 3.5-5.5in W X 5.5-7.5in (1)
3.75-4.5in H X 19-24.5in D (1)
3.75in H X 8.5-10.5in W X 11.25-14.75in (1)
30.25in D (1)
30.50in H X 23.00in W X 8.00in (1)
30.5in H X 14.75in W X 1.25in (1)
30in D (1)
30in H X 15in W (1)
30in H X 20in W (1)
30in H X 30.5in W X 4.75in (1)
31.5in H X 16in W X 9.75in (1)
31in H X 14in W X 8in (1)
31in H X 45in W X 19in (1)
32.75in H X 19.5in D (1)
33.5-38.25in H X 10-12.5in D (1)
33in H X 7.75in W X 6.5in (1)
34in D (1)
34in H X 49in W (1)
35.25in H X 30.25in W (1)
35.5in H X 28in W X 14in (1)
35.75in D (1)
35in H X 9in W X 9in (1)
36in H X 11in D (1)
36in H X 16.25in W X 13.25in (1)
36in H X 35.5in W (1)
36in W X 36in (1)
37in H X 26.5in W (1)
38.25in D (1)
38in H X 51.75in W (1)
39in H X 27.5in W (1)
4-6.5in H X 3.75-3.75in W X 8-11in (1)
4.25-6.25in H X 3.5-3.75in D (1)
4.25in H X 9in W X 7in (1)
4.75-6-7.25in H X 12-13.75-15.75in W X 6-8-10in (1)
4.75in H X 9-11-13in W X 2.5in (1)
40.5in H X 15in W X 6.5in (1)
40.75in H X 12.5in W X 8in (1)
40in H X 30in W (1)
40in H X 40in W (1)
41in H X 7.25in W X 7in (1)
42.25in H X 22.25in W (1)
43in H X 27.5in W X 1.75in (1)
44.5in H X 22.25in W X 27in (1)
47.25in H X 30.5in W X 12.75in (1)
47in H X 25.25in D (1)
48in D (1)
48in H X 34in W (1)
49in H X 36.75in W (1)
4in D (1)
5.5in H X 24in W X 7in (1)
5.5in H X 4in D (1)
5.75in H X 34in W (1)
5.75in H X 5in W X 3in (1)
50.5in D (1)
50in H X 15in W (1)
52in H X 30in W (1)
53.5in H X 43.5in W (1)
55in H X 36in W X 23in (1)
57in H X 22in W X 21in (1)
5in H X 8in W X 13in (1)
5in H X 9in W X 5in (1)
6-6-9.5in H X 4.5-8-12in D (1)
6-6.5-7in H X 6-6.5-7in W X 2.5-2-2.5in ) (1)
6-8-10.25in D (1)
6.25-9.25in H X 5-11.75in W X 10.5-11.5in (1)
6.5-8.75-11in H X 5.25-7.5-8.25in D (1)
6.5in H X 15.25in W X 14.5in (1)
6.5in H X 4.75in W X 5.5in (1)
6.75-7.25-7.5in H X 3.5in W X 3.5in (1)
6.75in H X 7in W X 11in (1)
60in H X 7.5in W (1)
67.5in H X 7.25in W (1)
67.75in H X 17in W X 16.5in (1)
67in H X 14.5in D (1)
68in H X 17.75in D (1)
6in H X 15.75in W (1)
6in H X 8.75in D (1)
7.00in H X 15.00in D (1)
7.25-14.5in H X 7.25-16.5in W (1)
7.25in H X 3.25in W X 4.75in (1)
7.5-9in H X 6.75-8-8.5in W X 5.25-6.25-6.75in (1)
7.5in H X 6in W X 4.25in (1)
7.75-14.5in H X 7.75-12.5in W (1)
7.75in H X 5.75in W X 4in (1)
73.5in H X 16in W (1)
73.75in H X 33in W (1)
74in H X 13in W X 13in (1)
7in H X 4.75in W X 10.75in (1)
7in H X 5.25in W X 5in (1)
7in H X 5in D (1)
7in H X 5in W X 2.5in (1)
7in H X 6.25in W X 4in (1)
8.25in H X 16.25in W X 4.25in (1)
8.5-10.25-12.25in H X 3.5in W X 3.5in (1)
8.5-9.25-9.75in H X 14-15.75-17.75in D (1)
8.5in H X 11in W X 9in (1)
8.5in H X 15in W X 2.75in (1)
9-10-11in H X 5in W X 5in (1)
9.25in H X 14.5in D (1)
9.5-10.25in H X 16.25-23in W X 6.75-8.75in (1)
9.5-12-14in H X 5.75-6.5-7.25in D (1)
9.5-12.5-14.5in H X 6.5-8.25-10.5in W X 2-2.75-3.75in (1)
9.5in H X 6.5in W X 1.5in (1)
9.5in H X 9.25in W X 5in (1)
9in H X 6.5in W (1)
Not Specified (234)

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Elita Accessory Group (1)
Eloise Accessory Group (1)
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Contemporary (1)
Vintage Casual (1)
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Angel Figurines (1)
Angel Italia (1)
Angels (1)
Antiqued Frames (1)
Antler Lamp (1)
Apothecary Jar (2)
Apothecary Jars (1)
Art (1)
Autumn Leaf Crimson (2)
Autumn Leaves (1)
Bamboo Pumpkins (1)
Bicycle Statue (1)
Bird Box (1)
Birdfeeder (1)
Birdhouse (1)
Book Box (2)
Book Boxes (3)
Bookend (1)
Bookends (1)
Bottle Stopper (1)
Bottles (1)
Bowl (1)
Box Book Old World Medium (1)
Box Book Old World Small (1)
Boxes (1)
Cabinet (1)
Candle Holders (1)
Candle Stands (1)
Candleholder (1)
Canister (4)
Canister Clayton Large (1)
Canisters (3)
Canvas (3)
Canvas Wall Decor (1)
Carolers Family (1)
Carved Wooden Owls (1)
Centerpiece (1)
Ceramic Box / Lid (1)
Ceramic Charger (1)
Ceramic Coffee Canister (1)
Ceramic Jars (1)
Ceramic Tea Canister (1)
Ceramic Trees (1)
Ceramics (28)
Chicken (2)
Chickens (1)
Clock (4)
Clock Plate (1)
Clocks (1)
Clocks and Timepieces (21)
Condiment Set (1)
Console Table (1)
Convenience Book Box (1)
Convenience Frame (7)
Convenience Frames (1)
Cookie Jar (1)
Cross (1)
Crosses (3)
Curly Clock (1)
Decorative Accents (33)
Decorative Clock (2)
Dove Julia (1)
Doves (1)
Dressing Mirror (1)
Equestrian Book Box (1)
Finial / Lid (1)
Finials / Lids (1)
Floor Lamp (1)
Frame (1)
Framed Clocks (1)
Glass Votive (1)
Glassware (9)
Hanging Mirror (1)
Horse Bookends (1)
Hurricane (4)
Introductions (1)
Iron Accent Table (1)
Iron Bird Clock (1)
Iron Clock (2)
Iron Plaque (1)
Iron Stand / Umbrella Clock (1)
Jar (1)
Keepsake Box (1)
Lantern (2)
Large Wide Trees (1)
Magazine Rack (1)
Marble Table (1)
Metal Planter Urn (1)
Metalware (36)
Mini Lamps (1)
Mirror (20)
Mirrors (1)
Mushroom Candleholders (1)
Nativity Stone (1)
Oil Painting (4)
Organized Living (13)
Ornate Standing Crosses (1)
Paper Towel Holder (1)
Paperweight (2)
Paperweights (1)
Photo Frame (2)
Picture Frame (3)
Picture Frames (4)
Pigs (1)
Pillow (2)
Pinecone Holder (1)
Pinecone Taper Holder (1)
Pitcher (1)
Planter (2)
Plaques (1)
Plate (1)
Plate Clock (1)
Plate Holder (1)
Plate Rockin Rooster (1)
Plates (1)
Porcelain Pigs (1)
Portly Chicken (1)
Puzzle (1)
Pyramid Clock Box /Lid (1)
Quilt Rack (1)
Reindeer (2)
Rooster Jar (3)
Rustic Crosses (1)
Rustic Metal Clock (1)
Sconce (1)
Screen (1)
Seasonal (4)
Shelf (1)
Sign (5)
Small Wide Trees (1)
Snowman Tray (1)
Square Wall Decor (1)
Stand (1)
Statuary (3)
Stool (1)
Table (4)
Table Console (1)
Table Lamp (6)
Tall Bamboo Pumpkin (1)
Terra Cotta Dove (1)
Textiles (4)
Tray (3)
Trays (2)
Vase (1)
Vase Breen (1)
Wall Art (2)
Wall Clock (8)
Wall Decor (45)
Wall Mirror (1)
Wall Panel (2)
Wall Panels (3)
Wall Plaque (5)
Wall Plaques (1)
Wall Tiles (1)
Willow Trays (1)
Wine Rack (2)
Wood Santos (1)
Word Sign (1)
Not Specified (2)
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